Ncare pro is a prescribed meal only for companion animals.

It is a product that can substitute food for old-age pets by supporting healthy eating and supplying nutrient of companion animals. It can be used freely in any ways with excellent taste and solute. It shows excellent concentration even when used in animal hospitals and for forced feeding at home. It also guarantees quality since it is a product developed and produced in Korea.

High-protein liquid food for companion animals

For intensive care after surgery
It is easy to use when pets refuse eating due to the bad condition before and after surgery.
Prescribed meal for prolongation treatment
As an alternative meal for older animals, it helps complete digestion and absorption. So, we recommend to feed only recommended calories.
Nutritional supplement
As an alternative to nutritional deficiencies due to refusal to eat, Ncare helps to supplement nutrition that is lacked.
Easy tube feeding
When forced feeding is needed at home, it makes to feed easily with needless syringe. (Eating through a tube is possible when hospitalizing animal hospital)
Ncare propro is only available at animal hospital.

Ingredient value

Crude protein Crude fat Calcium Phosphorus Crude fiber Crude ash Water content
6.0% or more 1.1% or more 0.12% or more 0.08% or more 0.5% or less

1.0% or less

80% or less

Raw materials

Drinking water of companion animals Cultures of beneficial bacteria Milk protein concentration Canola oil Soybean fiber
Fructooligosaccharide Mineral concoction (Calcium phosphate tribasic, Potassium phosphate, dibasic, Magnesium Chloride) Vitamin concoction (Vitamin A12,C,K) Omega 3DHZ containing powder Niacin, taurine, tocopherol
Glucosamine Aqua calcium Yucca extract Sucralose Synthetic perfume (Nurungii, winter melon)
  • Omega 3

    Helps blood circulation

  • Aqua calcium

    Prevents osteoporosis

  • Glucosamine

    Helps improve joint function

  • Heat-treated lactobacillus

    Helps with intestinal health

  • Fiber

    Helps prevent loose feces

  • Yucca extrat

    Helps reduce smell of feces

  • Helps with eating of companion animal

  • Keeps moderate calories and provides high palatability by containing sucralose

  • Helps to maintain and generate muscle mass as a high-protein product

  • Easy to use syringe and tube in hospital and home

  • Helps for a partial lack of

  • Helps to improve intestinal health and prevent diarrhea by using heat-treated lactobacillus and fiber and protein with less lactose

Directions for Use

Ncare provides a recommended daily calorie of 3kg per 1 pack. In case of feeding it as substitute for hospitalization and meals, please comply with Rest Energy Requirement. In regard of the amount of Ncare that feeds RER (Kcal / day) = 70 x (weight, kg)0.75, the clinical condition of the companion animals should be considered before prescription. In case it is used as substitute for meals due to the loss of appetite, please feed it according to the prescribed rules.

[Based on 3kg]

Day 1: 1/3 of required amount, Day 2: 2/3 of required amount, Day 3: All required amount Please dont feed the amount that is proportional to weight at once. Feed it slowly so that it can be absorbed several times.
- When feeding this product, be sure to feed it several times (more than 5 times) a day. - When using for nutritional supplement, we recommend to feed with existing foods. - We recommend to keep the product at room temperature and in the refrigerator after opening, and use it within 3 days.

- The sediment in the product is made naturally in the process of special process manufacturing, so you can feel safe to feed. - Since this product is a specialized food for the companion animals only, please feed it according to the prescription of the veterinarian.


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