About 5,770,000 households are living with companion animals as of 2017, and 8,940,000 of them are living with us.

Among them, the annual mortality rate is estimated at 447,000, which is 5% of the total, and there are about 80,000 animal funerals as of 2017. Caregivers are taking care of companion animals for two to three days in short and several months in long for 447,000 animals that leave us every year. We created Ncare by watching the sad times of guardians and pets.

Most of guardians are taking care of sick and old pets in the wrong way. It is the right way to give pets food that is 100% absorbed and digested, rather than just giving them delicious food.

Ncare wants to provide easy nutrition supply to your companion animals. It prevents the risk of certain diseases by controlling the content of protein, and tries to be a perfect meal by using high quality ingredients that are used in foods of human patients and developing and producing them in Korea.

Ncare is not a drug. It is a pet food.

Ncare will help you anytime whenever your pets cant eat and dont eat, or it is not enough.


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